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All the necessary tools to manage and grow your Affiliate Network



AffTrack is a solution provider for companies of any size working in the Affiliate and Performance Marketing Industry - from REAL-TIME Tracking to Invoicing and everything else in between. AffTrack has been in-use by large Affiliate programs since 2009.

Unlimited Clicks & Conversions

Worrying about how many clicks or conversions an offer receives is no longer an issue. Select a package that meets your click requirements or choose the Unlimited package to never worry about click overages again!
Unlimited Clicks! No month end surprises due to low performing traffic sources.

Unlimited Everything for $499

All new instances will receive UNLIMITED EVERYTHING for only $499 per month for 12 months!

($799 After 12 months or current price whichever is lower.)

This also includes a 1 month FREE Trial.

This special is limited and can end at any time!

Easily Manage Affiliates and Advertisers

More than simple tracking - all the tools you need to effectively manage your clients. Whether they want to connect through API integrations or use their own portal for reporting, AffTrack makes handling your business relationships seem easy

Reliable Tracking and Statistics

Monitor and optimize traffic with confidence at anytime from anywhere. Filter Traffic to your exact specifications with Offer Access control and block low quality traffic from ever reaching your Merchants with our fraudulent elimination features.

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New Customer Special:



Real Time Analytics

Real time reporting and data access with 99.999% reliable uptime.

Proxy and Fraud Detection

Protect your company from fraud with real time traffic analysis and alert notifications

No Contracts or Fees

No unexplained fees and overages typically found with commitment plans. No more surprises.

No Affiliate or Offer limits

No limits on Affiliates or Offers. Don't restrain your company with artificial limits.

Offer Targeting

Exact Targeting for Offers with everything you need - Country, Device, Language and more

Cap Management

Protect Affiliates and your reputation from cap overages with the use of our Overflow tool

Postback and Redirect Logs

Full Postback and Redirect logs for easy troubleshooting and reference.

Full API Access

Access to a full API to manage your account in any way. Full control for custom interfaces or integrations

Access Control

Organize your team with individual access control to every feature and setting

Redirect Flow

Set up Global Redirects and rules to always know your traffic will be monetized no matter what

Quick and Easy Support

Friendly and professional support to assist with any help you need

Daily Newsletter

Keep your Affiliates informed of new and returning Offers with automatic alerts and messages

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